Kill Them With Colour

Get High

Released January 29th, 2016
Get High is a huge statement of intent, opening with rolling trap snares and a rousing female vocal before a UK flavoured 4x4 beat takes to the floor. There’s something deliciously off-kilter about it too, as a distorted flute riff (yes, flute) drops in halfway through, heralding a gargantuan breakdown. Kill Them With Colour's original 'Get High' is also supported by a VIP and extended mix.
"...trap style hi-hats and wonky horn stabs that all come together resonating in a way that has us curious what this producer has up his sleeve."

"Wes Marsh will continue to challenge the norms of today's electronic music, one eye-popping hue at a time."

"Once the kick comes in after the short introduction, you’ll be grooving all the way until the end of the track."
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